Are you wondering how you can make your home safer? You don’t have to install an elaborate and expensive security system or invest in the best security company. There are several simple and inexpensive ways you can improve the safety of your home.

Install security cameras

One of the best ways to beef up the security in your home is to install security cameras. Yard security cameras are especially great not only to help you keep an eye on what’s happening around your home but also as a deterrent to invaders, burglars and other criminals. Criminals don’t want to get caught on camera. They will avoid your home if they catch a glimpse of a security camera.

Mini house cameras are quite inexpensive and they do a great job. Some offer video recording as well as remote access so you can keep an eye on your home even when you’re miles away.

Keep your windows and doors locked

When you’re away from home ensure that your windows and doors are locked. Leaving the doors or windows open leaves your home vulnerable to intruders. It could even be the thing that attracts a criminal to your home.

Replace windows or doors that are damaged or worn out. Lock your garage door when it’s not in use. Avoid hiding spare keys in obvious places such as under a fake rock, potted plant or a mat. Instead, give the spare key to a trusted neighbor for safe keeping.

Keep the light on

Intruders avoid places that are well lit. They also often don’t want to take the risk of entering a property when people are in it. You can therefore deter criminals by keeping your property well-lit.

Invest in outdoor lights to keep your yard illuminated at night. Keep some indoor lights on when you’ll be away from home for an extended period. This will make intruders think that there are people home. Invest in motion sensor lights for areas that are near your home such as the garage and porch.

Don’t flaunt your wealth

Criminals usually target homes where they know they can get items of value. If you show that your home has many expensive things, you’ll become a target for criminals.

Make your home less attractive to criminals by removing expensive items from windows. Make it hard for people passing by to see into your home by using curtains or blinds to block their view. Avoid talking about what you own to people you’re not properly acquainted with.

Home security doesn’t have to be expensive. Take the steps above to make your home safer and save money while doing it.

October 18, 2021 — Jerry woo

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