Your Privacy & Security Matters

Our Commitment

With Netvue’s commitment to providing smart home security solutions, we take your privacy & security extremely seriously. In the past 11 years, Netvue has maintained a record of 0 data leak issues. By building on AWS, Netvue has established a secured cloud platform for your data protection.

Here is how we protect your data in real action:

World’s Leading Security System

Strict Permission Verification

Interface Security

Our unique security technology can ensure the security of the interface between the server to the device and the server to the software. With strict permission verification, the data will not be hacked.

Bank-Level Encryption System

Transmission Security 

With the SSL transmission protocol, bank-level data encryption system, the security of the transmission system and data encryption can be ensured.

Your Device Is Only Under Your Control

Device Security

All of our devices do not have a background management port, which means that hackers will never hack into the device. It is impossible for someone who does not have access to your account to obtain your device information or even control the device.

All In Your Control

Client Security

First of all, we do not store your password. All account information is encrypted.

Secondly, we have invested a lot of efforts to prevent decompilation, to protect core modules, such as the logic of the authentication module, to effectively prevent hackers from forging user identities.

Your Account is Under Your Control

Bank-Level Encryption System

Keep Your Password Be Yours

With the bank-level transmission encryption system for password protection and the unique authentication and encryption algorithm, Netvue can verify your identification without even storing your password.

This means that the only person in the world who knows your password is you.

Get Real Time Alert for Any Unauthorized Access to Your Account 

Get Notice of Every New Login

Netvue’s automatic email system has the security alert feature. Whether it is a new device log-in or unauthorized access, you will receive an email notification right away. 

Manage Share Users With Netvue App

Full Control Of Your Account

Only you and the shared users have the permission to view or modify account information. With the Netvue App, you will be able to gain full control of shared users who have access to your device. Adding or deleting shared users, all in one. 

We Keep Your Data Safe

AWS Cloud Platform

Keep Your Data Safe & Private

AWS Cloud enables features such as live streaming, event recording, and continuous recording to keep your data safe and private as well as increase the accuracy and security in data storage and transmission:

  • High Data Accuracy

AWS can guarantee that your data, such as event video recording, is recorded accurately according to the specified time or rules, and the data is accurately sent to your App account.

  • High Data Security

AWS can effectively prevent your data from leaking. Only you can see your data.

  • Data Transmission Speed

AWS has servers all over the world, in North America, United Kingdoms, and Europe. Your data will be sent to the nearest server first to ensure the best transmission speed.

  • Data Backup

Netvue has hugely increased the accuracy and security in data storage and transmission due to the data-level protection of writing multiple copies of data objects between nodes with the cloud platform.

Data Encryption

High Protection Of Cloud Service

Netvue Protect Plan assists you to better manage and store your data. Built on AWS, all of your data will be stored in a more secure and stable cloud platform.

Why Do We Care?

Risk Continue to Occur with Other Brands

Data Breaches Are On The Rise

The smart home industry has an emerging market, which creates opportunities and also risks. In the past few years, there have been a lot of issues related to the data leak in the smart home industry. The most common issue is the breach of passwords and user information. 

· In 2019, the password leakage issue happened with one smart home company.
· In 2020, customer information breach issue happened with another smart home company.

This situation  is not getting better.

Netvue Takes Real Action to Protect Your Data 

0 Issue Happened, But We Are Always Vigilant

While exploring the benefits of innovative digital technology, Netvue is fully aware of the risks on the other side. We believe that the only solution to deal with the potential risk is to understand and take early protective action to eliminate it. With our complete software and hardware solution, you will be able to control all your data access with only a few clicks on Netvue App. With the mission of offering more inspiring smart home products to the world, Netvue will never access or use your private data without prior permission. 

Netvue Production & Security Test Center