About Netvue

From its inception, Netvue's core purpose has been the bridge of what you see and what you care in mind.
Guided by the slogan "In Sight, In Mind", we craft high-quality security cameras and bird feeder cameras, to enhance people's lives with convenience and joy.

Combining our proficiency in camera hardware and AI technology, we are here to create CONNECTIONS.

Home Security Cameras

Connect to Who You Care

Established in 2010, Netvue story starts by developing intelligent, mobile internet-connected hardware. Our expertise lies in integrating professional security cameras with advanced AI technology to produce innovative products that not only enhance safety but also add joy and excitement to everyday life.This encompasses our range of classic indoor and outdoor cameras, along with baby monitor. With these devices, you can stay connected to your loved ones anytime and anywhere that matters to you.

Birdfy Cameras

Connect to Nature

If you take care of birds, you take care of most of the environment problems in the world. ” – Dr. Thomas Lovejoy, the Godfather of BiodiversityWith a focus on enriching people's lives, particularly for those seeking a deeper connection with nature and a desire to contribute to wildlife conservation, Netvue has launched the sub-brand Birdfy. Birdfy serves as a gateway to nature, fostering a connection with birds. Through the integration of our advanced built-in cameras and AI technology within well-designed bird feeders and boxes, the Birdfy series empowers users to closely observe and identify birds from any location and at any time.

What Make Us Special?

We always put customers at the heart of all decision-making and activities. Understanding their needs and challenges, we create value beyond functional products. We are keen on offering personalized experiences and providing whole-hearted customer support for ongoing CRM improvement.

Netvue constantly seeks new ways to improve products and isn't afraid to take risks or be different. Netvue always stays updated with the latest trends and technologies in the Smart camera industry as a pioneer.

Netvue prioritizes quality over quantity, ensuring that every product we release meets high standards, from functionality and durability to design and user experience.

Meet Our Expert Team

Gene Wen is a co-founder of Netvue and serves as the company's Chief Scientist. With his status as an IEEE fellow in multimedia communication and codecs, Professor Wen plays a visionary leadership role at the forefront of Netvue's innovation. He spearheads strategies for product advancement and possesses keen insights into the North American market. Professer Wen's valuable input often aids in guiding Netvue's product reforms and brand strategies, propelling the company toward new heights of success.

Jiangtao Wen(Gene)

Chief Scientist

Stephen Moss serves as the Global Consultant for Netvue Birdfy. With a lifelong expertise in birds, he contributes to the improvement of Birdfy product designs and business development. As a renowned UK nature writer, broadcaster, and wildlife TV producer, Stephen Moss is also committed to sharing his profound knowledge and experience in the field of ornithology to help Netvue bring better products and services to the market.

Stephen Moss

Global Consultant

Alec Roseto is Netvue Birdfy's Global bird expert, he plays a key role in training AI for the identification of bird species, thereby improving bird database optimization and contributing to the advancement of Netvue products and technology. Alec holds a degree in landscape architecture and restoration ecology from the University of Washington, which has provided him with valuable insights into bird conservation. In his spare time, he also loves birding and nature photography.

Alec Roseto

Global Bird Expert

Why Choose Us?

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Our Story

Netvue, established in 2010, specializes in smart home solutions and was among the first to launch a domestic Internet camera. We offer a range of security cameras as part of our comprehensive product line, including the  Vigil Series, Sentry Series, and Orb Cam.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020, Netvue recognized a widespread longing for a deeper connection with nature. Then we combined our camera technology with traditional bird feeders to introduce a smart bird feeder camera, making birdwatching more accessible. We also collaborate with educational and wildlife conservation organizations to encourage appreciation of nature.

As a forward-thinking company, Netvue continues to expand and innovate, recently venturing into baby monitors.

Our Mission, "We are not selling products, but a reassuring lifestyle."

Our slogan, "In sight, in mind," perfectly encapsulates our dedication to keeping what matters most to you within clear view, all while focusing on providing assurance and love. Whether it's safeguarding your home or enjoying the beauty of nature, Netvue is here to enrich your life.



Netvue Is Established

Netvue is founded with a mission to use AI technology to enhance home life and humanize modern technology.


Red Herring 100 Winner Asia Award

Netvue wins the Red Herring 100 Asia Award, marking its growing influence and recognition in the cloud platform industry.


World's First Smart Doorbell Vuebell Launched

Vuebell, the world's first smart doorbell, signals Netvue's commitment to enhancing user experience through its cloud service platform and App UI.


DTC: New Journey on Amazon

Netvue has been expanding its influence and accumulating more customers by entering the Amazon marketplace.


Human Detection Is Officially Launched

Netvue launches Human Detection, advancing AI technology and further humanizing technology.


First Consumer H.265 & 3M Camera Launched
Birdfy Project Starts

Netvue keeps improving hardware while developing AI technology. The initiation of the Birdfy project signifies Netvue's commitment to innovation.


Birdfy Expands Influence in Global Market
New Indoor & Outdoor Cameras Launched

Birdfy successfully launches on Kickstarter and IGG, expanding Netvue's brand recognition.


Pro Seller on  Walmart

With a proven track record of creating great shopping experiences for customers, Netvue ranks as the pro seller on Walmart.


Netvue Peekababy Project Starts
World's First Smart Birdhouse Birdfy Nest Invented

Netvue is relentlessly innovating and expanding to improve various life aspects and cater to people's evolving needs.

Our Story

Established in 2010, Netvue leads the smart home industry with innovative products like the domestic Internet camera and a variety of security cameras.

 In 2020, we introduced a smart bird feeder camera to connect people with nature during the pandemic, and we work closely with educational and conservation organizations. Recently, we've expanded into baby monitors.

Our mission, "We are not selling products, but a reassuring lifestyle."
Our slogan, "In sight, in mind," reflects our promise to keep what matters most visible and secure.

At Netvue, we're dedicated to enriching your life.