With the accessibility and affordability of technology, more and more homeowners have taken security cameras installed at home as a security measure. Home security cameras allow the homeowner to review their home at any hour of the day from any location. There is no doubt that installing the home security camera in your house is a smart decision. Here are a few reasons and benefits to consider the home security cameras installation:

Deterring Criminals

Crime Potential at Home

To some extent, the presence of an outdoor camera already can deter criminals. In the case that a burglary does occur, a professional security camera is needed to record the incident in high definition. In other words, it requires the camera has a good pixel and night vision in this case.

For this situation, with then enhanced night vision of Netvue Vigil Plus, objects can be seen clearly even in low light conditions, so that police can use the videos and images to capture the culprit and prevent future crimes. All of the Netvue cameras come with the free motion detection feature. If anything suspicious happens at night, you will receive a notification right away.

Keep an Eye on the Family

Security cameras are not only can be the protection of a home but also can assist you to check in on your kids while you are at work. For an instant, with the home security cameras, parents can always keep an eye on their children from work by using the web view feature of the camera.

Netvue Orb Mini Demo View

One of the most common uses of Netvue cameras is the Orb Mini. A lot of our users take advantage of its mini size and use it as the nanny camera or hidden camera at home.

Also, we are now launching a new baby monitor Peekababy that allows parents to monitor their baby's activities and ensure their safety and well-being from a distance.

Don’t Forget the Pets

Just as you can check in on your kids through the home security camera, you can also check on your pets. Pets are a significant part of a lot of people’s lives and it can be stressful to leave the pet alone at home. However, it is expensive to pay someone to look after them.
In this case, Nevtue’s indoor camera can help, with the security camera, you can feel free to check in on how your pets are doing and even interact with them when you are at work.

Thus, there are many advantages to owning home security cameras, which can help to keep your family safe, give you peace of mind, and let you focus on the more important works of life. Protect your family, yourself and make life a little easier by installing home security cameras into your home.

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August 06, 2021 — Chenxuan Shen
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