Video quality is a factor that we cannot ignore when picking security cameras. But do you really know how to choose one of high video quality? 

Actually, video quality is determined by many factors, you’d better know it before you make the final decision.

1. Image Quality  

Cameras record in a certain resolution, such as 720p, 1080p and 1440p,all of  which are the most common security cameras in the market. As we could find that 1080p HD (2MP) security cameras have become the standard in today’s surveillance market. However, as the most dramatic leap in video quality ever, Netvue Pro series cameras take a step further to ensure our users enjoy the best quality by featuring 3MP resolution.

2. Video Compression

Videos or images captured by security cameras are typically compressed by the camera to make the best use of storage space. During the compression process, it is common that image quality would be lost more or less, depending on what compression standard it adopts. While most manufacturers use H.264 video compression Netvue uses H.265 video compression technology for the best possible security camera quality and the Angle and Field of View

3. HDR & Advanced ISP

High Dynamic Range (HDR) helps to improve a camera’s dynamic range, it solves the dilemma of balancing out lighting to achieve the best possible image or video quality. Image Signal Processor (ISP) serves to present colors without any distortion. With both of them, you’re supposed to get a properly exposed live video and image. 

4. Night Vision

Infrared LEDs allow security cameras to see even in complete darkness. In most cases, images will turn to black and white with night vision viewing. Usually, the recommended range is no less than 60ft for outdoor security cameras. With ultra high near infrared sensitivity, the response of Netvue cameras under low light conditions is effectively improved, and objects 65 ft away can be seen clearly even in low light conditions.  

It’s important to understand these factors to help you measure the video quality of security cameras before purchasing. As the most dramatic leap in video quality, Netvue Pro series cameras aim to give you the best live streaming experience.

January 04, 2021 — NetvueTeam
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