Having a baby monitor on your baby’s nursery, playpen or crib is the best way to always keep an eye on them while they’re sleeping or playing and you need to do chores in another room in the house, you can be sure they’re safe and sound and know that you’ll notice – or get notified – whenever your little one needs you to be there for them.

But we need to always remember that, like anything else you place in your little one’s environment, it’s essential to be very careful about where you place your baby monitor to avoid any accidents.

What should you consider when placing your baby monitor?

When setting up your baby´s space, you need to consider various things to find the perfect spot in which you will be able to monitor your baby without any obstruction or worries, however, there are 2 things that are the most important to have in mind:


  • You need to find a spot in which the camera doesn´t have any risk of being pulled by or falling on your baby.
  • Pay close attention to the power cable on the camera to avoid safety hazards. Look for a place in which the cable is out of your baby’s reach.

baby monitor safety

Propper viewing angle

  1. Look for a place that has an unobstructed view of the crib, playpen, or wherever you have your baby accompanying you, so you can always keep an eye on them
  2. Make sure the microphone on the baby unit can clearly pick up sounds from your little one and doesn’t have anything blocking it like a stuffed animal or toy
  3. If you’re not mounting the monitor in a specific spot, make sure you always have the camera out of your baby's reach so they can’t drop or move it.

baby monitor cry detection

Consider placing options when purchasing your baby monitor

While there are different factors you should take into consideration when buying a baby monitor, you might want to also look for monitors that offer characteristics that make placing easier, such as:

  • Wall mount
  • Crib mount
  • Flexibility
  • A firm base

baby monitor installment

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March 29, 2023 — Support Customer

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