Be concerned about the safety of your house? Be concerned about the lack of technical knowledge to set up a video surveillance system? Don’t worry! Netvue smart home cameras can help.

Outdoor Cameras — for Burglary

Keeping your family safe from intruders and other dangers is always a concern, especially the detached houses and village house, are often the targets of burglary. Therefore, having an outdoor camera can alleviate some stress and a surveillance system is indispensable.

Netvue Sentry Pro

But you don’t need to spend a fortune to get great security, Netvue can help to build your own home surveillance system with ease and comfort way. You can set up the camera wherever you want under the ceiling or on the wall just with the 10 ft power cord and connect over Wi-Fi. Moreover, with the advanced features of motion and human detection, Nevtue cameras can get real-time notifications when it detects human activities and eliminate false alarms triggered by flying insects or other objects, ensuring the protection of personal property and safety. Meanwhile, it can be real-time monitored by smartphone, tablet, and computer anytime and anywhere, no matter if you are at the home, office, or outdoor. Ideally, you should install outdoor cameras at every entry door as well as all first-floor windows, whether that’s the front, back, or garage door.

Indoor Cameras — for Families

Netvue Orb Pro View of Dog

Indoor cameras are more used for monitoring babies or pets. In general, selecting a position where the camera can connect to Wi-Fi and ensuring the camera can cover the right areas is the first step. However, no need to worry about missing any areas if you are going to install the Orb Nevtue Pro because it is able to view your home from every angle with the wide-angle lens and digital pan. With the feature of night vision and invisible infrared light, you can capture every detail of your family even in the pitch-black night.

The cameras can be placed anywhere in your house to keep away from babies and pets. But, you can still have a real-time two-way conversation with your families or pets via a smartphone. Furthermore, the motion detection technology will send you notifications immediately when a motion is detected to keep you informed of the potential threats.

Doorbell — for Visitors

People coming and going through your front door every day, from visitors to deliveries. Covering your entryway with a video doorbell can help to keep an eye on more mundane things, like whether the courier is handling your packages properly or who had ever visited when you were out.Netvue Vuebell Video Doorbell, giving you control to defend the first line of your house.

Netvue Vuebell

As we can see now, there are three key components for us to set up a video surveillance system, which includes an outdoor camera, indoor camera, and video doorbell. Having an easy-to-install, affordable, and powerful video surveillance system can provide much-needed peace of mind. In this case, you will be able to know whenever someone or something around your house, giving you an absolute sense of security. So, what are you waiting for? Check out Netvue smart home cameras and set up your own home surveillance system.

June 23, 2021 — Chenxuan Shen
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