How to solve SD Card Issue for Home Security Cameras?

Introduction of SD Card

Introduction of SD Card

An SD card, also known as the Security Digital card, helps you to store additional amounts of information for your smart devices such as smartphones and home security cameras.

How Does An SD Card Work?

The main function of an SD card is to store your data. Based on their storage ability, you usually can find these 3 types of SD cards: Standard Capacity SD Memory Card, High Capacity SD Memory Card, and Extended Capacity SD Memory Card.

Different Types of SD Cards

Since SD cards have limited reading & writing in the lifespan, the quality of them varies from different specifications and brands. When the lifespan is approaching, the write operation will become unstable and cause failure.

Common Storage Size for SD Cards

At present, the commonly used storage particle of SD card is TLC, and its theoretical maximum writing life is (500–1000). Above is common storage size corresponds to the theoretical maximum recording time.

No SD Card Display on Netvue App

How Does SD Cards Work with Netvue?

Insert SD card to Netvue Orb Pro Cam

Most of the Netvue devices require the SD card to be Class 10 or above and maximum storage of 128GB. Before you insert the SD card, please unplug your device first. This will help to protect your SD card. After you insert the SD card into the Netvue camera, the pictures and the videos will be saved into the SD card automatically with continuous HD auto-recording.

Watch Your Netvue Recording on Laptop

In order to watch the content recorded on your SD card, you need to download a player on your computer. Here are the links to download the player on your computer:

  • MAC:
  • Windows 32:
  • Windows 64:

Some Common Situations & Solutions

  • Situation #1. SD card quality issues:
    If the quality of the SD card itself is poor; or does not reach the Class-10 level; or the inner size is too small, the SD card could be vulnerable. When the usage of time increases, the storage function of the SD card will get worse and worse. Therefore, some issues such as inability to write or mount may occur.

    Solution: Buy a well-known brand SD cardMake sure the standard is at least Class-10Make sure the memory is at least 32GB (supports up to 128GB).
  • Situation #2. The Netvue app shows "No data at this time" when you replay recordings:

    Possibility #1. It is a new SD card. There is not enough recording content yet. The best solution is to retry after 10 minutes.

    Possibility #2. The SD card is not recording. Please check whether there is free space on the SD card and format the card.
  • Situation #3. Skipping during SD card playback.
    SD card has been used for a long time (close to the write life span), resulting in a sharp drop in writing speed.Solution: Change to a better and new SD card.

Watch Your Netvue Recording on Laptop

  • Situation #4. Netvue App Shows No SD cardSolution:
    Cut off the camera power. Re-insert the SD card. Then reconnect the camera power. Please change to a better and new SD card if it is still not working.Cut off the camera power. Re-insert the SD card. Then reconnect the camera power. Please change to a better and new SD card if it is still not working.
  • Situation #5. Format Failed
    When your Netvue app shows you "format failed" for the SD card, we would recommend you cut off the camera power and re-insert the SD card. Then reconnect the camera power. If it always fails, please change to a better and new SD card and try again.

Connect To Netvue Customer Support Team

Watch Your Netvue Recording on Laptop

The issue of SD cards happens for different reasons. Generally, we would recommend you to reach out Netvue Customer Support Team when your Netvue devices encounter SD card issues. Please feel free to either email them via or instant message on