Introducing Vigil Plus

The unprecedented outdoor home security camera, Vigil Plus, helps you to connect with everything completely wire-free. Featured with 1080P full HD live streaming, 9000mAh battery capacity, and IP66 weatherproof, Vigil Plus is able to work properly under different and various circumstances. Install it anywhere and enjoy the real-time alert of the outdoor world.

Netvue Vigil Plus Battery

1 Charge Lasts for 15 Months*

Vigil Plus is created with an ultra-strong battery life of 9000mAh battery capacity. With the unique battery technology, it comes with more than twice the run time compared to the existing market. The camera will be triggered when motion happens. Under normal circumstances, after you charge the Vigil Plus once, it will be working for around 15 months.

Netvue Vigil Plus 1080P Full HD Resolution

See Everything Days & Nights Colorfully

The 1080P Full HD feature of Vigil Plus provides you with a super clear image of the outdoor events. In the Netvue app, you can also zoom in for up to 8X to see all the details clearly.

  • 2 Modes at Nights
Vigil Plus Spotlight vs Infrared Light

At night, there will be 2 modes with Vigil Plus. Under infrared light, you can see a black & white view for up to 20m. If you would like to see a closer but colorful view, you can choose to turn on the Spotlight on the Vigil Plus. Then you will see the live streaming with full-color night vision.

Vigil Plus Motion Detection

Capture 100% Motions

When motion happens, Vigil Plus will capture and alert you with app notification. Using the 2-way audio feature in the Netvue app, you can speak to the unexpected motion when necessary. You can also create customized motion sensitivity levels, motion time, and motion zone with a few clicks in the Netvue App. Upgrade to smart recognition to detect humans, animals, or cars from things is coming soon.

  • Motion Detection: Captures motions as video and sends real-time notifications to you instantly when motions happen
  • Human Recognition: Similar to motion detection but specialized in human-related alerts.
  • AI Recognition: Includes AI detection of humans, pets, animals, cars, and packages, etc.
Vigil Plus IP66 Weatherproof

Year-Round Weather Resistance

IP66 Weatherproof allows the Vigil Plus to work under most weather situations. No matter it is sunny, rainy, or snowy, Vigil Plus will work just fine.


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November 16, 2021 — Chenxuan Shen

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