Nowadays, we are more and more familiar with 5G. Many people are using 5G on their mobile phones. However, there are still lots of concerns about this new technology. Will it cause dangers to us before it bringing us more convenience?

Is 5G Radiation Harmful?

We all know that 5G is powerful. It only takes several seconds to download a movie, which is amazing but could also be terrifying. Some people argue that faster speed means shorter wavelength and shorter wavelength means more dangers since X-rays have extremely short wavelength and it is also dangerous.

Well, 5G radiation is totally safe. It has a shorter wavelength compared to 4G. The difference between 5G and 4G is like a pond, while the difference between 5G and X-rays is like an ocean. Having a look at the electromagnetic spectrum, we could find that the radiation a cell phone could have is non-ionizing, which means it won’t affect our DNA and cause any cancer. The danger we may concern only comes from the radiation which is ionizing.

Is 5G a Mind-Control Experiment?

It is understandable that people may worry about new technology. 5G is not that universal yet, but it is going to be used in our daily life. The refrigerator, the air-conditioner, and even the toilet will be connected by 5G. Our data will be shared by these devices to better serve ourselves. It sounds good, but there are still concerns about the privacy and mind-control issue.

This is a common problem. Like in some developed cities, many people still refuse to use mobile payment, worrying about giving away their personal information. It is good to be cautious even though 5G is never a mind-control experiment. Understanding and embracing the new technology is also essential in nowadays life.

Is Covid-19 Related to 5G?

We are all scared by the speed at which the Covid-19 virus gets spread in the whole world. Some people bring it up that this may be related to 5G stations. Some people even set cellphone towers on fire in Europe. They believe that there are many 5G stations over the world and 5G is famous for its amazing speed. Therefore, viruses could utilize the speed to travel over the world. Here, we need to be clear about one thing which is the biological staff (virus) can’t be transferred by electrical devices (5G stations). Then, how could this statement be so popular? It is actually one of the results of the 5G conspiracy.

People connect 5G technology with the economy and even politics. The benefit relationship behind is hard to tell. In this way, they make up many statements to control the public’s attitude towards 5G. If we treat 5G as pure technology, we are not that easy to be affected by all these arguments. 5G itself is not dangerous, but we need to use it in the right way.

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June 16, 2021 — Chenxuan Shen

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