Learn About Top 5 AI Trends with Netvue

2021 has been an interesting year for the development of Artificial Intelligence Technology. After the pandemic created such a huge shift in people’s lifestyle, the application of emerging technology has also been refined according to their use case to better fit into people’s needs.

Netvue has been in the smart home security industry since 2010. In the past 11 years, we have developed the AI-powered Human Detection feature by collaborating with AWS. In this blog, we’d love to introduce you to some AI trends that we identified with our unique perspective:

AI in IoT

IoT refers to the Internet of Things, which are physical devices or equipment that are connected to the internet. Basically, all the Netvue products that you own at your home will be considered IoT products. When AI technology meets IoT, a new term is created — AIoT — the artificial intelligence of things. The idea behind AIoT is to take advantage of algorithms to combine all the data that has been collected and complete some sorts of tasks based on the users' needs. A great example to illustrate AIoT products is autonomous vehicles such as pony.ai.

AI in Computer Vision

Artificial Intelligence for Computer Vision is no longer a new thing in 2021. We have experienced it a lot in our daily life such as when you try to unlock your iPhone with your lovely face. Even though there are still a lot of privacy risks around this data collection, with more and more people use this tool on a daily basis, the big data gets more and more information for later algorithms to run.

Another common usage of AI in Visual Recognition is for animals. Bird Recognition has been a trend recently. In the United States, there is a popular project created by the University of Cornell, which developed an app called Merlin Bird ID for people to recognize beautiful birds in the surroundings. Netvue loves birds! If you ever get a chance to visit the Netvue Headquarters office, you will find there are even birds in the office. One of our employees is responsible to take care of the birds as an extra task.

AI in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity has become a trending issue in the home security industry. When people use smart home devices, the first thing that they will worry about is data safety-related issues. With the application of Artificial Intelligence, the computing algorithms will be able to identify suspicious behavior based on the data patterns to automate the process of preventing hackers.

As a global brand that has been operating for more than 10 years, Netvue values each connection that has been made with the users. Therefore, Netvue takes cybersecurity-related issues seriously in both hardware and software solutions. At this point, Netvue partners with AWS to provide a high-quality cloud solution to all the users to ensure data safety. In the future, Netvue hopes to take the lead on applying emerging technology to provide better and safer home security solutions to our users.

AI in Voice

“Hey Alexa, show me the baby room!” How many times have you talked to your Alexa device to control your Netvue devices every single day? This is one common application of voice control. Adding Artificial Intelligence into this existing technology will turn it into a result as your Alexa is able to recognize your voice and distinguish it between you and your family members.

AI in Operation

The application of Artificial Intelligence in Operation sounds like an inevitable result. There are just so many repeating and tedious processes in the operation industry. When it is possible to bring AI technology into this complicated process and automate the data collection, everything seems to become easier.

The RPA, Robotic Process Automation, is definitely one of the key players for operation optimization. With the RPA, organizations will be able to increase the working efficiency of their employees.


In conclusion, Artificial Intelligence technology will be encountering a lot of new opportunities for creative applications in the near future. Netvue will definitely keep pace with the times.