Dear Netvue users,

Today is the day! The much-anticipated Netvue Protect is launched!  It offers bundle pricing and is more affordable than you think. Let’s see what’s new in there!

Netvue Protect supports multiple devices in one plan. This section has been moved to from Netvue app.


Continuous Video Recording
Continuous recording, Continuous protecting!

Records what’s happening for 24/7, up to 10 days. You can check history videos anytime, anywhere.
*offer 3 plans.

Event Video Recording
Catch more details with videos!

Record videos up to 60 days when motion/ring call is detected, and push notifications instantly to your phone to keep you stay on top of things.
*offer 4 plans

Human Detection
Focus on what matters!

Get alerted when human are detected. No more bothered by normal alerts, and won’t miss important events.
*Event Video Recording is required to enable this feature.

Upgrade to Netvue Protect

If you already have cloud subscription, upgrade to Netvue Protect to save money! Or you’re going without any subscription, try it now! You’re free to cancel whenever you want.

To upgrade, you need:

1. Upgrade to App V5.13.0;
2. Visit to subscribe.

Come to join the millions of Cloud protected homes that are already enjoying security today!

Any questions? Read our FAQs, or come to Netvue Forum to discuss with our communities!

July 06, 2020 — NetvueTeam

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