Formerly, IR Dome Camera was widely used in the security surveillance system because of its low price and simple installation advantages, as well as become popular among video surveillance systems. However, for the limitation of technical level, traditional security camera has only provided some basic functions, which requires more improvement.

Traditional Security Camera

This article is going to show how much progress the security camera made over the past few years from several aspects.


Netvue Home Cam 2 Installation

Traditional security camera, even the east-to-install IR Dome Camera requires a few basic tools to install, such as the screwdriver, hammer, electric drill and so on. Some families would give up installing the cameras because of their cumbersome installation. At present, the installation will never ever become the reason for people to be afraid of the installation when they are concerned to install a camera. Take Netvue Home Cam 2 as an example, it can be attached to every surface in your home. Standing, magnetizing, and screwing, just feel free to take anyway to place a camera in your house.

Pixel & Viewing Angle

In the case of the pixel, duo the imaging technology was immature in the past, there were some image issues unresolved, such as the resolution, brightness, contrast, and color fidelity. For example, the color reduction is insufficient in the daytime because of the light filter issues, as well as the image would whiten at night which may be caused by the infrared light overexposure. On the other hand, there were some dead zones cannot be monitored for a camera. In this case, it may require spending more to install one more camera, which will waste more time and energy.

Netvue Orb Pro

As more customized features are implemented in the camera, the concerns above have been solved. Take Netvue’s Orb Pro as an example, it can provide properly exposed video without any color distortion and still can capture every detail in dark with the feature of 8X digital zoom. Moreover, Orb Pro can provide superior coverage to monitor larger areas and view your home from every angle with its 360° pan and 120° tilt. No need to be worried about miss any dead angles.

Waterproof & Heat Dissipation

After the traditional camera was in use for a while, its weakness has exposed in the features of water tightness and heat dissipation. Moisture appeared in the lens because of the poor sealing effect of shield and temperature difference, especially in northern cities. Additionally, a working camera will create a great deal of heat, if the heat cannot out of the camera well, there will be an influence on the service life of the camera.

Netvue Vigil Pro

In terms of this issue, Netvue puts forward the solution. Netvue Vigil Pro, which is built to withstand all extremely cold or hot weather. With the full metal housing, it is highly vandal-resistant and corrosion-resistant, so its service life can last for years and years.


After reviewing the comparison among several cameras, we can notice that whether indoor home camera or outdoor security camera has become as familiar to most people as the normal home appliance in our daily life. Determining to install a home camera in the house is just like deciding to purchase a household appliance, rather than considering it as a complicated machine. This is also what Netvue has been dedicated to accomplishing — bringing the traditional surveillance system to more consumers based users.

July 22, 2021 — Chenxuan Shen

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