It’s much less painful to prevent a break-in than deal with the aftermath. This is why most people are investing in a security camera system to enhance security in their homes and businesses. Once you have decided on the type of security system you want, the next crucial step is choosing the type of camera you will install. The two main types of cameras include bullet and dome cameras.

What is a Bullet Camera?

A bullet camera is named after its distinct cylindrical shape, which resembles bullet shells or lipstick tubes. A bullet camera is a small camera designed for security applications and can operate both indoors and outdoors. Sometimes referred to as bullet cameras, these surveillance devices can be easily mounted and allow the user to cover a fixed area without dispersing your vision.

There are different types of bullet cameras. Some of the most common types are mini bullet cameras, pan tilt zoom bullet cameras, outdoor bullet cameras, analog bullet cameras and IP bullet cameras. Each of these cameras has its unique features, which makes them suitable for their role.

The bullet cameras have a lot of advantages which makes them friendly to the users. With a telescopic style of a zoom lens, bullet cameras can often achieve great image quality even when zoomed in to the maximum and positioned far from the area of interest. Read through to learn more benefits of using bullet cameras.

The Advantages of using Bullet Cameras

  • Visible Deterrent

One of the main advantages of using a bullet camera is that it is frequently used to deter crime. The design itself is intrusive and more visible, which means that they can deter potion break-in. This means installing a visible and clear bullet camera will help keep your property off the target from possible burglars. While this makes them more distinguishable, this added presence actually makes them highly effective at increasing the overall efficiency of your security camera system. Different studies have shown that burglars are reluctant to break into a property that has a visible surveillance camera.

  • High Resolution

Depending on the make and model of these cameras, the resolution may vary however it is highly advisable to buy bullet cameras with high resolutions. Bullet cameras use infrared LEDs to ensure good visibility at all times. The infrared bullet cameras can capture high-quality images in dark places. They can turn on their infrared feature where there is low light to record clear images and videos. It also can turn off the feature when the light is normal.

  • Longer and Wider Range

Since bullet cameras have longer bodies, they can use a longer lens with a wider range. A security camera’s range is determined by a couple of factors, including the type of lens used, resolution, sensor and more. And due to their longer form, bullet cameras are capable of housing larger lenses. It is also better suited for longer-range recording because it has a telephoto lens that is ideal for coverage in large areas and environments.  The fact that they can easily maneuver in different positions makes them the best option for monitoring areas with a lot of motion, for example, a parking lot.

  • Versatility

Bullet cameras are highly functional and versatile. You will find different types of bullet cameras like analog cameras, IP cameras and much more. They come with a wide range of features like IR night vision, HD quality, optical zoom, progressive scan, motion sensors and much more! Some are wired while others are wireless and most people prefer wireless ones because they can take them anywhere. With all these exciting features, buying a bullet camera is a great investment that will help keep your home safe. 

  • Easy Installation and Adjustment

Bullet cameras are easy to install because they can be mounted on walls and ceilings. They have a mounting handle attached to the body of the camera, making them easier to install compared to other types of surveillance cameras. These cameras are also easily adjustable, and due to their flexible positioning, the user can easily move the camera into a position as well as reposition when needed. If your bullet camera isn’t capturing the information you need, you can easily reposition manually at the camera or remotely, depending on the model you bought.

  • Durable

Since bullet cameras are mostly made for outdoor use, these cameras are built to withstand harsh weather conditions such as hot summers, heavy rains and freezing winters. Its lip is specially designed to protect its lens from dirt, debris and glare from sunlight. Another advantage is that these cameras can also be used underwater because they are capable of withstanding the pressure of 100 feet below the water surface. If you are planning to buy outdoor bullet cameras, it is highly recommended to go for those with an IP rating of 66 or 67 to withstand harsh weather elements.

  • Night Vision

Most bullet cameras come equipped with IR illuminators to enhance the surveillance when there is low light quality. Cameras with night visions are used to maximize images and video surveillance systems in low light conditions. Most of the bullet cameras model comes with an automatic IR turn-on feature that switches to the IR mode when lighting is low and back to normal when the light is enough.


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December 30, 2021 — Jerry woo

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