Introduction to PTZ

A pan-tilt-zoom camera, in short PTZ, is a camera that is capable of remote directional and lens zoom. Both expansive and close-in views for details required are revealed with a single camera. PTZ cameras have been widely applied in distance learning, live production, surveillance, and so on.

Netvue Orb Pro is a great example of a PTZ Camera. With the 360° pan, 120° tilt, and 8X digital zoom feature, Netvue Orb Pro provides a super clear view of every corner at your home.

IPTZ Camera Example | Netvue Orb Pro

Tracking Characteristic of PTZ

When a moving target object appears in the monitored range, the user can manually lock it, for example, by clicking the mouse or the preset trigger to lock the moving target automatically.

The PTZ’s pan-tilt could rotate in all directions by panning or tilting automatically to keep the moving target in the center of the view. Meanwhile, the image quality would be enhanced when zooming in without digital pixelation, even in a night vision.

Netvue Sentry Pro PTZ View

Even though Netvue Sentry Pro does not come with the automatic PTZ feature, you will still be able to make adjustments to the camera’s angle by simply clicking on the Netvue App.

Main Mode of PTZ

Mode 1: Ballhead type

A ball head type PTZ camera components include an all-in-one camera, a high-speed stepper motor pan-tilt, an embedded solution coder board, and other electronic devices, which are all installed in a spherical protective cover.

Outdoor PTZ Camera Example | Netvue Sentry Pro

In casinos and other commercial sites such as restaurants and lift, the ball head PTZ cameras are known as the eye of the sky. The eye of the sky is covered by a semi-transparent plastic globe which makes it hard to judge the direction of the camera from a distance.

The ball head PTZ cameras are also advocated because of their easy installation and strong climate adaptability.

Generally, the temperature range of PTZ used in the outdoor environment is — 20 degrees to + 60 degrees. If the PTZ is used in a lower temperature environment, a temperature-controlled heater can be installed inside the PTZ to make the lower temperature limit, reaching — 40 degrees or lower.

Netvue Sentry Pro with IP66 Waterproof

The outdoor camera is easily eroded by rain or dampness due to the significant change of heat and cold. Therefore, the outdoor PTZ camera is generally designed to be sealed and rainproof. 

Mode 2: PTZ decoder camera

The mechanical components of this system are settled externally. Pan tilt, decoder, and camera are installed independently. This mode is also adopted with its low cost, wiper installation, and extensive monitoring range. However, compared with the ball head PTZ camera, it might be harder to install and have a higher failure rate. That is also the reason why we developed Sentry Pro as the ball head PTZ Camera.

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June 13, 2021 — Chenxuan Shen
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