Netvue Protect Plan - AI Skills

$3.09 USD$3.99 - $0.90 (23% off)

AI Skill Store is an open marketplace for different AI developers to launch and exchange their latest AI development.

 Issued Process:

  1. Provide your Netvue App account when placing an order (otherwise, the service cannot be issued).
  2. After purchasing the product, the coupon will be issued to your Netvue App account in the form of a coupon within two business days.
  3. Open the Netvue App and go to the account settings.
  4. Click on "My Coupons" to use the coupon.

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AI Skill Plan Detect Content Standard Price Developer
Essential Detection Human, pet, animal, vehicle $3.99/mo Netvue
Outdoor Detection Human, pet, animal, vehicle, package $5.99/mo Netvue
Indoor Detection Human, pet $3.99/mo Netvue
Intelligent Notification Human, pet, animal, vehicle, package $2.99/mo Photon Sail
Human Detection Human $2.99/mo Netvue
AI Skill Plan
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