USA Today: Birdfy Feeder AI is the Top 1 Smart Bird Feeder 2023

Great News!!! USAToday has just announced that Birdfy Feeder AI is the top smart bird feeder of 2023. After careful consideration and testing, Netvue Birdfy has been chosen as the best in its class. The review board was impressed by the Birdfy feeder's ease of use, innovative design, and reliable performance.

The Birdfy Feeder AI is a revolutionary product that helps our birdwatchers keep tabs on their feathered friends. It can alert users when the birds are present at the feeder. This feature makes it easier for birdwatchers to observe birds in their natural environment without disturbing them. Let's know more about USA Today Review!

USA Today Review "Winging to the front of the flock is the Netvue Birdfy Feeder, which wins our Best Overall award for its sheer plethora of ways to mount it and feed birds, and provide a clear picture both day and night. Netvue has also priced this nicely."

  • Comes with a solar panel
  • Offers 1080p picture quality for clear visuals day and night
  • Simple Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Features multiple mounting options
  • Sends notifications when birds land on the feeder
  • It has AI function that identifies your bird visitors
  • Lifetime free AI recognition for Birdfy Feeder AI version 
  • Watch live streams and recorded videos on the Netvue APP
  • It boasts a larger capacity and is easy to load with bird seeds
  • Ranked as the easiest to use among 5 tested smart bird feeders

"We are thrilled to be named as the top smart bird feeder of 2023," said CEO Allen Chen. "This recognition reinforces our commitment to providing quality products that make birdwatching more enjoyable for everyone."

The Birdfy Feeder AI offers a range of features designed to make birdwatching more enjoyable. We take great pride in providing an innovative product that enhances people’s experience with nature. It's great for Birdwatchers.

 If you are a bird lover and need a device for watching bird better, you can try it! If you have friends or family members who like birdwatching, it can also be a great gift for them!

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