Netvue Cares Nature

Netvue is committed to using technology and creative capabilities to imbue products with emotional value through building "CONNECTIONS". Simultaneously, we pledge to allocate a certain proportion of profits back to society and environmental conservation.

Why Does This Matters?

With the goal of fostering connections, Netvue aspires to craft products that make a meaningful contribution to ecological equilibrium and biodiversity. 

Birdfy Commitment

For Birdfy, we're guided by principles. We are committed to making significant contributions to the environment by setting ambitious targets that establish us a truly environmentally-conscious brand.

We are committed to achieve 0 carbon release for the whole product lifecycle of Birdfy Series, by 2040.

Birdfy will design 100% of our packaging to be fully recycable by 2025

Birdfy will source 80% of our products from FSC, SFI or PEFC certified sources by 2025

Birdfy is committed to have 90% recycled content in our products by 2030

Birdfy has actively engaged in obtaining several certificates and labels, as well as participating in diverse projects, all of which underscore ourdedication to upholding our commitments. Noteworthy among these are:

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)

Demonstrating our commitment to responsible forest management.

CPF (Climate Pledge Friendly)

Highlighting our dedication to supporting climate-friendly practices.

Walmart Project Gigaton

Showcasing our involvement in Walmart's initiative to reduce environmental impact.

How2Recycle Label

Underlining our efforts in promoting recycling awareness.

Birdfy Product Advances

Birdfy doesn't just talk the talk, we walk it too.

Birdfy has adopted diverse strategies in advancing our products to establish a sustainable product life cycle.
Our objective is to address environmental challenges across various stages of a product's life, all while
delivering enhanced value to customers, society, and the environment.

Bamboo Material

Birdfy introduces sustainable bamboo into its latest innovations: Birdfy Feeder Bamboo and Birdfy Nest, offering eco-friendly choices in our expanding range of bird feeders and incubators. Bamboo, a rapidly growing and renewable grass, is chosen for its merits as the ultimate sustainable material, benefiting the environment, birds, and users.

For the environment: It's 100% degradable, increases oxygen production by 35%, and grows quickly at a rate of 48 inches per day.

For birds: It's impervious to pests and reducing susceptibility to predators, thus serving as a dependable choice for avian inhabitants.

For customers: It exhibits higher resilience and dependability over plastic and conventional wood materials. It's natural look seamlessly complements wildlife-style gardens and backyards.


Single vision lenses offer only one type of vision correction, so they are suitable for people with nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism. Most prescription glasses and reading glasses have single vision lenses.

A Recyclable, Reusable Future

Looking ahead, Birdfy's product materials will possess not only recyclability but also the potential for reusability, including seamless integration back into the production process. This convergence establishes a harmonious and sustainable cycle.


Birdfy is transitioning all of our product lines to utilize completely paper packaging. This packaging is 100% recyclable! 

Solar Panel

Within each Netvue Birdfy product, we offer customers the choice of a solar panel, enabling uninterrupted power while contributing to environmentally friendly practices. We've found our users greatly appreciate this option! In the near future, we will be making the solar panel a mandatory inclusion within the package. This approach allows us to both educate and inspire our customers about the significance of embracing renewable energy sources. 

Biodiversity Product Line

At Birdfy, we strongly believe that each backyard and garden possesses the potential to foster a thriving ecosystem, contributing to wildlife conservation. Furthermore, we firmly believe that every individual bears a responsibility in upholding the rich biodiversity that surrounds them. 

Due to the effects of global warming and climate change, the migratory patterns of birds have been significantly influenced. With a deep commitment to supporting wild avian species, Birdfy is embarking on an ambitious expansion of our product line. Our overarching goal is to assist users in cultivating ecologically conscious and biodiverse backyards. This initiative encompasses a range of offerings, including bird feeders, birdhouses, bird baths, and various accessories, all aimed at enhancing the well-being of wild avian populations.

Birdfy Contributions

Birdfy places a significant emphasis on the company's advancement within the industry. Our charitable collaborations encompass conservation, education, and welfare, involving both money and product donations.