Authorized Netvue Retail Channels

Netvue products are sold or licensed only in or the following distribution channels at the same price. However, since Netvue products are popular among users in the market, we have found that there are many unauthorized resales.
Please note that products purchased from these unauthorized sales platforms may not be able to enjoy all of Netvue's services, and Netvue cannot guarantee and assume responsibility for price and quality. Please choose this type of platform carefully when purchasing.
  1. Amazon US, UK, EU, CA
  2. Cdiscount
  3. Walmart CA
  4. Walmart US

Product Service

Licensed Netvue products enjoy the following services:
  1. One year hardware warranty
  2. Lifetime software service
  3. Lifetime customer service support
In addition, you can purchase extended warranty or replacement service.
Unlicensed Netvue products enjoy the following services:
  1. Lifetime software service
  2. Lifetime customer service support
Since we cannot trace the source of your product, we cannot guarantee or extend the warranty on the product hardware.