You want the flexibility to put security cameras in different areas but you don’t want to go through the complicated process of installation?

Inrecent years, many enterprises and individuals chose to use internet security cameras to replace the traditional kind. In this blog article, we will introduce the functions of a security camera and analyze its advantages and disadvantages. You will soon find out how much you need it in your daily life.

  • What are Internet Security Cameras?
  • What scenarios can the cameras be used in?
  • Pros and Cons of Internet Security Camera
  • More about Internet Security Camera

What are Internet Security Cameras?

Internet Security Camera is a camera that is fixed to a surface by adsorption of metal, it can stand on a flat surface or be fixed to a wall by simple screws and magnets. There is no need to bury the wire in the wall at all, and the change of fixed plane is minimized.

Netvue Sentry Pro

For most scenarios, the installation of security cameras is a very early stage, including the layout and maintenance of the lines. In the traditional way, the cost of installation of cameras in the later stage of most scenes is very high, and if the camera’s circuitry fails, it can be costly to repair. Internet Security Cameras are flexible and can be installed at any stage, equipped with a high-capacity memory card or wireless transmission, and have low maintenance costs.

What scenarios can the cameras be used in?

Internet Security Cameras can be used in a variety of scenarios because of their flexibility. For businesses, cameras can be placed at various angles to protect company property or do supervise work. For families, cameras can not only keep their homes safe but also keep their children and pets safe. For schools, security is particularly important, the circuit layout of traditional cameras is undoubtedly a major project, and the cost is also huge. Internet Security Cameras could provide security for schools and save a huge amount of money. In summary, Internet Security Cameras could be used in most scenarios because it is easy to be set.

Pros and Cons of Internet Security Camera

Everything has advantages and disadvantages, Internet Security Camera is no exception, the following is an objective evaluation of Internet cameras, a comprehensive understanding of a product is the best experience.


  • Flexibility
Netvue Home Cam 2

The flexibility of Internet Camera is obvious, both installation and replacement, you can do it independently without any instructions, even the weight is very light, for example,Netvue Home Cam 2, it’s about the size of the palm of your single hand, and you can put it anywhere!

  • Easy to Control

Currently, most internet cameras on the market shoot from a wide-angle, and some automated features provide a wider angle without leaving danger. Netvue Home Cam 2 can rotate up and down 100° and provides a full view, and its best feature is advanced artificial intelligence technology for the human body and motion detection from Netvue Protect Plan. When any intruders appear, your property and security will be effectively protected.


  • Separate Hardware and Software

Many players in the home security industry focus more on hardware rather than software. However, at Netvue, we believe that it is important to provide a great experience to our users. It will include both hardware and software solutions. If you have ever tried out the Netvue App, you will find out how much effort we have put into the software development.

  • Wheather Intolerant
Netvue Vigil Pro

There are both indoor and outdoor cameras. One of the common issues that happen with outdoor home security cameras is the weather intolerant issue. All of the Netvue outdoor cameras take advantage of the IP66 Waterproof technology to provide a more secured solution for your home.

More About Netvue Security Camera

As a brilliant example of an internet security camera, you can read more about it on Netvue’s website, in this website you can not only buy a high-quality internet security camera, you can also find more functions of the security camera.

July 06, 2021 — Chenxuan Shen

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