The U.S. pet ownership statistics state that there are more than 70 million Americans having dogs, while more than 25% of them left their dogs home for more than 5 hours. With this dramatic number, only in the United States, it goes without saying the whole world. Many pet owners may have a question: What can I do to ensure the safety of our dogs at home? If you are one of them, here comes some tips.

Busy People’s Dog

Tip #1: Hiring A Pet Sitter

Pet Sitter for Busy People

If your dogs are too young or too old to take care of themselves, hiring a pet sitter may give you a great favor while you are away. With professional training, the pet sitters realize what works the best for the dogs, such as the proper temperature and humidity. Thereby your dogs could be taken care of even though you are from a distance, giving you peace of mind.

You may ask that what if the pet sitters abuse my dogs? Then a smart home camera providing long-distance surveillance could relieve your anxiety.

Tip #2: Installing Smart Home Camera

Installing a smart home camera is the most useful way to keep your dogs safe and secure even when you are away, providing you access to the live streaming of your home to see everything that happens at your home clearly.

Netvue Orb Pro with 360 degrees pan and 120 degrees tilt is one of the commonly applicable cameras for pets care in the Netvue camera collection. It helps to detect all corners of your house. Through this device, the 2-way audio could be received and sent simultaneously without the push-to-talk button with Alexa.

Tip #3: Hiding Every Dangerous Thing Dangerous Out of Your Dogs’ Reach

Keep Dogs Safe

Removing anything dangerous, such as chemicals and medicines, is also a significant tip for people leaving home for a period. Some naughty dogs, especially the younger ones, always keen on climbing up and down the furniture and then destroying any reachable stuff. If they chew through the electric wires, it is possible that they get an electric shock, even more, the fire disaster would arouse. Therefore, to ensure their safety, please remember that things harming your dogs must be left out of reach.

Tip #4: Asking Reliable Neighbors for Helps

Cute Neighbor Dogs

Trustworthy and reliable neighbors maybe your right-hand man to protect your beloved dogs. Those retired neighbors or neighbors at home-job are of great help when there is an emergency. When you check the home camera, discovering that your dogs are trying to break the glasses, you can call your neighbors to stop your dogs right away. So, do not forget to save your neighbors’ phone numbers and maintain a friendly neighborhood relationship.

July 01, 2021 — Chenxuan Shen

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