What is a security system?

Any security system’s name contains the most fundamental description. It is a method or means of securing anything via a system of interconnected components and devices.

Home security systems, in this case, are networks of integrated electronic devices that operated together with a central control panel to guard against thieves and other possible home invaders.

Now that you have the option to choose a home security system without too much trouble, follow this review through.

Top-Rated Security System

Netvue Outdoor Camera Vigil Pro

Netvue Vigil Pro

Netuve, as a new up-and-coming brand, is famous for its smart home security system. Now let’s take a look at the Netvue Vigil Pro, which offers a 2k resolution, 360-degrees, and a 146-degree field of view. With its 950g item weight, Vigil Pro can be easily installed outdoor and keeps watch over your home day and night, making it one of the best outdoor cameras you can pick for your home security system. If you want to save some money, there’s also a 1080p version: Vigil 2, which will knock about 15 dollars off the price.

Vigil Pro is IP 66 Waterproof, Rain or Shine, so it can be installed just about anywhere.

The camera works day or night, using either the building spotlight for a color image, or it can get enhanced night vision for low light visibility. It also has motion detection that will trigger with any type of motion or can be set up to only trigger when a human is detected, which is great to weed out false positives.

Vigil Pro includes Two-way communication, which is great for speaking with delivery people, especially valuable if your kids get home from school before you arrive home from work, you can use the camera to see who’s at the door and communicate without having to open the door to people you’re not familiar with. Plus, this camera is compatible with Alexa.

Now Netuve offers a great bundle deal: 2pc Netvue Orb Cam indoor + 1pc Netvue Vigil Pro outdoor.

Netvue Indoor camera: Orb Cam

Netvue Orb Cam

Orb Cam can’t easily be judged by its tiny body. With a little one like this, Orb Cam provides a 1080p video resolution, plus two-way audio. With the help of the Netvue app, live streaming allows you to communicate with your beloved ones anytime and anywhere.

It has a 100-degree wide-angle and 360-degree horizontal viewing angle, you can remotely control your camera lens using the Netvue app, which helps you observe a wider range of spaces.

Motion detection technology will send you notifications when any motion is detected, which keeps you away from potential threats.

With only $29.99, you can take Orb Cam home with those practical features, and you can even upgrade it to Orb Pro to get more strong performance.

Arlo Pro 3

Arlo Pro 3, source: digital trends

The Arlo pro three has 2K resolution, 160-degree field of view, and it has auto-tracking. It can determine when a package is delivered and the difference between a human and a tree branch, and it can get one of the best overall wireless home security systems available. This three-camera kit sets up easily and will let you monitor the feet of any of the cameras installed.

You can zoom in to see details and get push notifications on your phone for people, vehicles, and packages here and speak to your visitors at your door with clear two-way audio or sound, or the sound alarm can just scare off an intruder.

There’s even a local storage option to save your videos directly onto your Arlo base station. So you can view them anywhere, at any time. And this system is compatible with Alexa, Google, assistant, Apple home kit, and smart things. You can also set up alerts to receive notifications for people, vehicles, and packages.

The HDR video quality is clear and detailed, and that extends into its night vision, which is surprisingly solid. Even with just two infrared LEDs. If you add on that spotlight, it gets even better when you have color night vision that makes it as clear as if it were daytime. The Arlo Pro 3 is great for both indoors and outdoors.


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August 16, 2021 — Chenxuan Shen
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