Hey Netvue fans,

Here comes your dreaming beta test again!

This time we are intended to enhance the stability of audio and video transmission, tackle some occasional loading issues in live streaming, and give you a smoother live video experience.

Can’t wait to try it before it is officially released? Seize your chance and Join now! Seats are limited, first come first served.

What to feedback?

  1. Was the live streaming smooth before?
  2. Is the live streaming smooth after the upgrade?
  3. Is there any other problems after the upgrade? 


  1. Fill out the Application Form.
  2. Only support Vigil Cam, Home Cam and Orb Cam.
  3. By participating in this beta test, you’ve been aware of and are willing to take possible risks.
  4. If you are successfully enrolled in the Beta Test Program, you will receive the invitation email to download the Beta version app and update the device firmware in 7 days.

Thanks for improving Netvue products with us!

February 12, 2020 — NetvueTeam

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