Today is April Fool's Day! This a time for pranks and jokes, but also don't forget to share food and love for our lovely feathered friends. 1st April is also known as The International Bird Day, but when it comes to birding, there are some myths that can trick even the most seasoned birdwatcher. In this article, we'll explore some common birding myths and how to avoid falling for them on April Fool's Day. 

Myth #1: All birds fly south for the winter

This is a common misconception, but not all bird species migrate to warmer climates during the winter months. Some birds, like the snowy owl, actually prefer the colder temperatures and stay in the north during the winter. Make sure you know which birds in your area are migratory and which are not, as well as the migratory birds act before you plan your birding trips.

Migratory birds

Myth #2: Bird calls are always accurate identification tools

While bird calls can be helpful in identifying birds, they can also be misleading. Some bird species have calls that sound similar to other species, and some birds may even mimic the calls of other birds. Don't rely solely on bird calls for identification; use other clues like bird size, shape, and behavior to confirm your identification.

Bird calls

Myth #3: All birds mate for life

While some bird species do form long-lasting partnerships, not all birds mate for life. Some birds may have multiple mates over the course of their lifetime, while others may not mate at all. Make sure you know the mating habits of the bird species you're observing before making assumptions.

Bird couples

Myth #4: All birds are active during the day

While many bird species are active during the day, there are some that are active at night. Owls, for example, are nocturnal and can be seen and heard more easily during the nighttime hours. Make sure you know which birds in your area are active during the day and which are active at night so you can plan your birding trips accordingly.

Sleepy owl

Birding is a delightful and fulfilling pastime, but it is crucial to be aware of common misconceptions that could result in incorrect identification or confusion. Fortunately, with Birdfy by Netvue, you can now conveniently explore and learn more about birds on your own with an authentic perspective. Birdfy feeders enable you to observe birds closely as they visit your backyard and capture pictures of their lovely moments. With a genuine experience, you can relish the marvels of birding without falling prey to deceitful tactics on April Fool's Day or any other day of the year. 
April 01, 2023 — Support Customer

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