When talking about your baby sleeping, we need to consider more than just the best times to put them to bed or the number of naps they need to keep a healthy sleeping schedule that will play an important role in their development. This is where safe sleeping comes into play.

The environment in which your little one is going to bed is essential and many factors should be considered to avoid any risks of accidents, especially at night when you’re also sleeping.

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What is safe sleeping?

It means putting your baby to sleep and considering ways to protect them from dangerous situations, like choking and suffocation.

Safe sleeping do’s and dont’s:

  • Have soft objects where your baby sleeps to avoid babies suffocating or overheating by rolling into or being covered by them (pillows, soft toys, mattress padding, etc).
  • Put your baby to sleep on a couch or makeshift bedding with or without someone else, this is very dangerous for your baby
  • Let your baby get overheated, your baby only needs one more layer than you would wear in the same environment to be comfortable.
  • Leave loose sheets or covers near your baby, even if they’re hanging on their crib, to avoid them accidentally falling in your baby when they’re sleeping

    Safe sleeping

    • Always put your baby on their back to go to sleep
    • Maintain your baby’s face and head uncovered, this reduces the risk of overheating and suffocating.
    • Practice room sharing, it’s safer for your baby to sleep in a cot beside your bed.
    • Use a firm and flat sleep surface and make sure your crib mattress is designed specifically for your crib and fits tightly

      Safe sleeping

    A baby monitor is also ideal for making sure you have a clear view of your baby while they’re sleeping to make sure they’re always comfortable.

    These are the best starter tips for you to consider when thinking about your baby’s safety, remember that Peekababy can become your best ally when it comes to keeping your baby in an environment that is risk-free and comfortable.

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April 03, 2023 — Support Customer

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