HEVC, also known as H.265, stands for High Efficiency Video Coding. It is an advanced video compression standard that can encode video files twice as efficiently as its predecessor, Advanced Video Coding (AVC), also known as H.264, but with far less data and much lower bitrates.

How H.265 differs from H.264?

With its advanced video compression competence, H.265 allows for further reduced file size, therefore lower bandwidth consumption and less space taken up.

Why choose Netvue H.265 cameras?

Netvue Pro series cameras come equipped with this H.265 video compression technology, which enables much faster and more smooth live streaming without any latency by consuming less bandwidth. Taking up less storage space, you’re supposed to enjoy longer recording time without decreasing image clarity, and save the cost of buying extra SD cards.

Detailed Video Recording

Provide transmission of higher quality network video under limited bandwidth. Details are still visible when zoomed in.

Much Faster and More Smooth Live Streaming

Taking up less required bandwidth, you can expect to get a much smoother live feed experience while maintaining the same image quality.

Smaller File Size and Longer Recording Time

H.265 cameras reduce the required storage usage by about 50%, and allow for longer recording time before the old videos are overwritten and save you the additional cost to store data.

Vigil Pro, the first H.265 powered 3MP camera of Netvue, captures crystal clear live video streaming and clips and no details will be missed! Thanks to the High Efficiency Video Coding technology, you're guaranteed to watch improved live video quality without buffering. What's more, it allows for longer recording time of SD cards before old videos are overwritten and saves you additional cost to store data.

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1. Lab data:The above figures are theoretical, obtained from Netvue’s internal labs under specific testing conditions. Please refer to the actual use.
2. Device Compatibility: Some models may not be compatible with H.265, please check with your equipment provider for details.

September 28, 2020 — NetvueTeam
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