When it comes to security cameras, video resolution is the first thing that should be considered. Since the most common resolution currently in the market for household security cameras is 1080P, Netvue's newly released Pro series cameras are taking camera clarity to a new level by applying 3 Megapixels resolution.

As our most dramatic leap in video quality ever, 3MP security cameras are ideal to be used both indoors and outdoors for rich details of far-away objects.


Incredible 3MP Super HD 

Capture clearer live video streaming and clips than 1080P cameras.

Detailed Video Recording

Details are still visible when zoomed in.

Highlights down, Shadows up

Smart HDR of 3MP cameras can balance the lighting in your videos, and finesse highlight and shadow to provide properly exposed video.

Restore True Colors

Thanks to the cutting-edge ISP (Image Signal Processor) 2.0 technology, 3MP cameras are able to present colors without any distortion.

Enhanced Night Vision

With ultra high near infrared sensitivity, the response of 3MP cameras under low light conditions is effectively improved, and objects can be seen clearly even in low light conditions.

Our Vigil Plus 3 captures crystal clear live video streaming and clips and no details will be missed! Thanks to the High Efficiency Video Coding technology, you're guaranteed to watch improved live video quality without buffering. What's more, it allows for longer recording time of SD cards before old videos are overwritten and saves you additional cost to store data.

Vigil Plus2

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September 28, 2020 — NetvueTeam
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Jim said:

We have 24/7 Cloud service for our existing Netvue camera. Will we keep the service if we install a new camera or will we need to sign up again? Thank you!

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