When buying a security camera, many people focus on the purpose of the camera, the location of the camera, and the camera’s storage. While all these elements are critical, it is also important to buy a camera that offers flexibility in terms of the size of the area that it can be used to monitor and ease of mounting.

The pan tilt zoom camera and the magnet security cameraare some of the types of cameras that offer flexibility. Here are some tips for choosing the best type of security camera by considering the two types of camera systems.

Choosing a pan tilt zoom camera  

A pan tilt zoom (PTZ) camera functions by shifting the camera in different directions in order to capture a bigger surveillance area. PTZ cameras also allow for zooming in order to provide better details of the events being monitored. With a PTZ camera, you are able to observe large areas using just one camera and at the same time get great detail.

Why choose a pan tilt zoom camera?

  • Surveillance of large areas: Pan tilt zoom cameras are designed to monitor very large areas. They are therefore suitable for malls, farms, parking lots and other large areas.
  • Ability to manually control the camera: With a PTZ camera, personnel can view the exact thing they want to monitor at any given time.
  • Automated tour: PTZ cameras can be used to follow a specified schedule. This is advantageous because personnel do not necessarily need to be present in order to get the required views.

Choosing a magnet security camera

A magnet security camera is designed in such a way that it uses a magnet for mounting instead of the conventional fixed mount. The magnetic mount enables the camera to swivel and adjust to different angles since the camera is not screwed or held using a fixed structure.

Benefits ofmagnet security cameras

  • The camera is easy to mount since you can place it virtually anywhere. The magnetic mount is easy to install and will guide you on where to position the camera.
  • Since a magnet security camera swivels, it covers a wider area than cameras that are fixed in one position.
  • The magnetic camera has been designed to withstand disturbance from events such as strong winds, storms or interference by burglars. This is contrary to the popular myth that magnet security cameras are easy to steal.
August 31, 2021 — Jerry woo

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