What is a nanny cam? And why you might want to have a nanny cam? 

This is probably the first question that comes out of your mind when you see this question. If you don’t have a baby or babysitter at your home, it is actually quite hard to resonance with this topic of getting a nanny cam. However, things will definitely be changed once you gain experience related to taking care of the baby. 

The Nanny Cam, which is similar to Spy Cam, with relatively small size, usually be placed in the corner of a baby room to keep an eye on what is going on in the room while you are not at home. Generally, people like to place them in a secret corner so that the nanny won’t actually know the existence of the camera. 

The goal of the Nanny Cam is to ensure that you are aware of and get notified of all the moments when you are not around your kids. This process requires the cameras to maintain the capability to live stream, record, and alert in real-time and constantly. 

With more than a decade of experience in home security, Netvue has developed an indoor product that will work as the perfect solution for your next Nanny Cam:

Netvue Home Cam 2

Home Cam 2 is currently the smallest product in the Netvue indoor collection. With the advantage of its size, it is the top option to be a Nanny Cam. The special and unique design of Home Cam 2, the installation ways, also makes it a strong candidate for Nanny Cam. 

  • Standing Installation

The easiest way to hid your Home Cam 2 at home is to set it by standing installation. Since the size of Home Cam 2 is very small, you can put it somewhere in the corner of the baby room. Without careful observation, it is difficult to even notice that there is a security camera. 

  • Wall Installation

Another great way to install Home Cam 2 is to install it on the wall. Just hang it up above the entrance door, you will see the whole view of the baby room. What’s more, you can also zoom in on your phone to see further details. 

Netvue Protect Plan

As we have mentioned above, the basic feature of Home Cam 2 will provide stable live streaming for you to learn about what’s happening in the baby room. Additionally, it works with all the Netvue Protect Plan to advance your experience of home security, including motion video detection, 24/7 recording, and human detection. 

Motion Detection
  • Motion Video Detection

All of the Netvue products come with free motion detection, as well as for Home Cam 2. All the motions will be captured as static images storing in the motion history of the Netvue App. There is an option for upgrading to video motion recording if you are more like a video person. 

  • 24/7 Continuous Video Recording 

This must be the best and the most important add-on feature for people who are interested in nanny cam. The goal of nanny cam is to make sure the safety of your baby. With 24/7 continuous video recording feature, even when you are so busy that you couldn’t keep an eye on the live streaming, you will always have the chance to go back to all the recordings to check on the past events. 

  • Human Detection

It is challenging to trust a stranger to take care of your baby. Human detection helps you to prevent more strangers or suspicious person who might create further harm to your home. When human creates motion, you will receive an instant notification on the Netvue App to alert you so you can check to see what has been happened.

September 03, 2021 — Chenxuan Shen
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