One of the commonest questions that our users usually type into the Google search bar is about “viewing Netvue on the web”. We understand this feature request from our users so we have developed the pro series products to meet their needs.

Netvue Pro Series

How does it work?

The easiest way to conclude how it works is that you can access your Netvue device from any browser. Basically, you just log in to and you will be able to view everything that happens with your Netvue devices.

Netvue Web View Demo

The web version works similarly to what you will see in the app. You can watch all the Netvue pro series devices as usual — even you are not at home.

Imagine when you are at work, you suddenly wonder how your dog is doing at home and it is not convenient to pull out your phone and watch your dog. What you could do is to use your laptop to view your baby dog on the site, with only a few clicks.

When you view your Netvue live streaming on the web, all the features will also be available. You can also free your phone. Feel free to try out two-way communication and say hi to your little dog when you miss him.

How it’s better?

With the fact that Netvue has already developed a great software product — the Netvue App, you might be interested in what is the reason for Netvue to also provide the web view for our users?

Well. As we mentioned at the very beginning of this blog, we started from the users’ needs. This is the first reason.

Traditional IP Camera with NVR Players

Furthermore, we have realized how inconvenient the traditional solution is for people to view something from the smart home cameras to the web. Previously, people will need an NVR player which is a huge physical device to connect with their IP cameras so that they can view the content on the computer.

Later on, there are some other solutions that allow users to view live streaming on the computer but with a software download requirement.

With the development of technology, people would love to get access to everywhere on the fly rather than spending the time to download an app or software. Both of these solutions won’t help to provide a better experience.

Netvue Cam Bird Live Streaming View

Another important advantage is that, when you are using the Netvue web browser to view your Netvue live streaming, it doesn’t require you to physically stay connected with the same internet as your camera. For example, if you set up a Bird Cam with Netvue Vigil Pro in your bird feeding location, you will still be able to access the web live streaming from your home.

If you are interested in learning more about the Netvue product, please visit Netvue Camera for more information.

June 08, 2021 — Chenxuan Shen
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