We’re announcing the highly-anticipated launch of our new added value, enhanced Pro Series Sentry Pro, a 3-megapixel outdoor PTZ camera with super high definition. Improving upon earlier 1080 P models, the camera offers superior H.265 coding, which ensures transmission of video at a lower storage cost, without the loss of any video quality. The camera also provides the industry-first capability of two-way communication with Amazon Alexa.  


We offer the only security camera using this new Alexa technology for domestic purposes, because of the uncertainty around the globe, it would be prudent to think about protecting your family, your real estate and your personal belongings. That is why now is a great time to invest in Netvue cameras for family security. The 3MP Outdoor PTZ Camera Sentry Pro will give peace of mind to parents and grandparents who insist their families be safe in their homes. You can use the camera to remotely monitor your home or business directly from your smartphone, tablet and computer. You can check on your property or loved ones anytime.


We take pride in serving our customers with the best equipment at reasonable prices. The Sentry Pro delivers the industry’s clearest 3MP super HD video performance. It also comes with the solidest metal housing, delivering a real-time 3MP super clear live video of the owner’s home—much clearer than what is available with other 1080P surveillance cameras.


As a “pan–tilt–zoom” (PTZ) camera with 360-degree movement, the Sentry Pro offers deep home security capabilities. It is able to perform motion detection and human detection, with night vision included. It is IP66 waterproof as well. Live video is captured at 2304 X 1296P, with storage available on a 128G SD card.


The camera provides hands-free two-way communication with Alexa. With this feature, a homeowner will now be able to access communication by live video chat via Alexa enabled devices. As a bonus feature, we offer standard features for watching live videos, receiving real-time motion alerts and accessing the built-in ability to talk with the Netvue App.


High efficiency video coding is also part of the Sentry Pro story. Sentry Pro is the only security camera on the market today for domestic use that incorporates H.265. Other companies on the market are only utilizing a lower quality H.264. know more H.265 vs H.264. The new technology will replace older 1080p models and outperform anything else on the market.


As a special offer, we’re offering the Sentry Pro for only $79.99, and we encourage you to go to our website to sign up for out latest news and discounts.


For more information go to https://bit.ly/3p0H9op.

December 23, 2020 — NetvueTeam

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