We are bringing our users a breaking news! Netvue Cloud has been updated with more attracting features at unchanged cost. 

As the centerpiece of Netvue’s IoT (Internet of Things) products to make it possible for you to enjoy a connected, real-time home security monitoring system and management experience, Netvue Cloud makes quick, stable, and safe data storage and access possible from anywhere, anytime.

Click here to know more about Netvue Cloud plan. Now, let’s see what we have prepared for you.

  • Automatic Motion/Ring call/ Human Detection Mark on Timeline

<Events are clarified automatically by different colors on the timeline, letting you know what happened at what time quickly.>

  • Multiple Timeline Unit Selections

<Multiple timeline unit selections make it possible to check events happened in a long period by sliding the timeline several times, instead of sliding it all the time. For example, set your timeline unit as “1h”, one unit records events happened in 1-hour time. >

  • Pause Replay

<You can pause the replay whenever and wherever you want to check the details.>

How to get these new functions?

  1. Update your Netvue app to the latest version from App store or google play (Android Netvue 5.8.1; iOS Netvue & Vuebell 5.8.0).
  2. For customers who have already subscribed to our cloud service with 7*24h continues recording, these new functions will be automatically added after you update your app.
  3. For customers who haven’t subscribed to our cloud service with 7*24h continues recording, please click “Replay” on your Netvue app to get more information and click “Buy more” to purchase.

This update is just a start for us to bring you excellent product experience, and more new functions are coming on the way :

  1. Video download
  2. Play at four times speed

How do you like these new features? What else functions do you expect? Leave your message here, and we’re looking forward to hearing from you.

August 14, 2019 — NetvueTeam

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