Thanksgiving Day Activity💗

It's been a year since Netvue Birdfy went live on Kickstarter last November. Thanks to all Birdfy users, your feeding means a lot to birds! 💞
Netvue is launching the #Birdfydinner - Thanksgiving Dinner Competition for every nature lover to join in and share our love and appreciation for birds during this Thanksgiving month. Provide a hearty meal for birds to help them through the winter with Netvue Birdfy or your own bird feeder, and take photos to record special moments.

❓How to participate?

1. Prepare bird food with Netvue Birdfy feeder or your own feeder, and post photos or videos on your Facebook/Twitter/Ins/TikTok.
2. Post with the tags #BirdfyDinner #ThanksgivingDinner #NetvueBirdfy, and @netvue official account.
3. Follow us.
(e.g., I prepare a big dinner for my backyard birds. @Netvue #BirdfyDinner #ThanksgivingDinner #NetvueBirdfy)

🏅Awards and Bonuses💰:

Best Creative Award - 1 person
Participation Award - Up to 20 people
*Award-winners will be selected by Netvue.
🎈The activity will last for a month. Join the Netvue Facebook Group "Backyard Bird Lovers" to get the latest update about the competition.
📣We will announce the winners on December 1st.
The more participants, the bigger the bonus! Come and join us!!! 🏃‍♀️🏃
November 09, 2022 — Support Customer

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