Birdfy Camera Smart Bird Camera for Wild Bird Watching and Recording

$179.99 USD$399.99 - $220.00 (55% off)

  • Free 7-day Bird AI Recognition function, which can automatically recognize 6000+ species of birds.
  • 1 device can be shared with 20+ users for free.
  • Install it near your feeders for convenient monitoring of bird activity and real-time bird watching on your phone.
  • With a 5dBi antenna and 2.4GHz WiFi connection, you can choose the most suitable location to install it.
  • With 1080p resolution and a 155-degree field of view, the camera provides a clear and detailed view of birds.
  • A 5000mAh rechargeable battery and optional solar panel (sold separately) ensure continuous use.
  • Equipped with an LED light, the camera can capture full-color images, even at night.
  • The Birdfy camera has an IP65 Waterproof rating that ensures it can withstand most weather conditions.
  • Store your photos/videos for free on the cloud for 30 days or on an SD card (not included).
  • Provide detailed information about visiting birds with the one-click Wikipedia page feature.
  • Experience and share amazing bird moments with other bird lovers in the Birdfy App.