Netvue Bird feeder Birdfy Lite Pro+Solar

$329.99 USD$499.99 - $170.00 (34% off)

Netvue Birdfy pro bundle includes a bird feeder camera with solar panel and a Extension Pro Perch DIY Add-ons including suet ball, mini hummingbird feeder, fruit holder, jelly feeder and welcome card.Wider Perch to Hold Different from the previous design, Birdfy Perch Pro has wider structure for you to add different add-ons but also keeps the same space for birds to stand on. Smart bird feeder with camera can auto capture all coming birds, and you will receive real-time notifications of feather visitors via the phone app. This revolutionary smart bird detective camera allows you to close up shoots full of character and provides the best experience to upgrade your birdwatching journey. You will never miss out feather birds buddies.