Netvue Birdfy Pole All Metal with 8 Hooks Squirrel Proof Station for Bird Feeder

$269.99 USD$369.99 - $100.00 (27% off)

  • Bird feeder pole is equipped with 8 adjustable hooks, each strong enough to hold up to 20 LB.
  • 360° rotatable crossbars can be rotated full circle, offering flexible positioning for bird feeders and accessories.
  • Unique spring-loaded squirrel proof baffle with a smooth, slippery surface that deters squirrels and other animals.
  • Birdfy pole is treated with all metal anti-rust coating, particularly effective in the joints to prevent wear and tear.
  • Designed with a deep 17.7-inch ground insertion, stability against strong winds and heavy rains.
  • Comes with a specially designed auger that is both sharp and slim for easy soil penetration.
  • User-Friendly Assembly: The Netvue Birdfy pole features 1 person, provide an easy, tool-free assembly process.
  • Multifunctional Auger Design: can be used independently as a small bracket for installing cameras or other devices.