Smart Bamboo Bird Feeder with Camera (Free AI)

$459.99 USD$599.99 - $140.00 (23% off)

Beautiful bamboo design to attract a wide variety of birds, enhancing the bird-watching experience.Bamboo bird feeder is made of natural bamboo free of harmful substances, more environmentally friendly.Bird feeder with camera provided free AI identify function forever at APP.Use resilient bamboo, a highly renewable material that grows faster and uses less water and pesticides than wood.Dual seed bin design not only accommodates a variety of bird food options but also doubles the seed capacity.Spread the joy of birdwatching with over 20 friends for free in 1 bird feeder(share the video with friends or family through Birdfy APP).The bird feeder has been designed with user-friendliness in mind, making it effortless to install and clean.Easy to install and clean with a removable bottom plate for the bird feeder.The flexible perch design provides ample space for multiple birds to comfortably perch and feed.Come with a solar panel, which will provide power consistently.